If you are planning a party or a celebration in Riverside CA, you may be wondering where to find jumper rentals. It is important to remember that different companies have different prices and offer different services, and that there are many factors to consider when choosing a rental company. Here are a few of the factors to consider before choosing a company for your event.

Water Slide Jumper Rentals

If you’re looking for Riverside, CA water slide rentals, you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of water slide rental options, and we also offer party planning services. If you’re looking for an epic adventure, our water slide rentals will ensure that your guests are able to have a blast!

Our company is one of the top rental companies in the industry. We have more than 10 years of experience and offer a variety of inflatables for parties, including our very own Disney Trademark bounce house jumpers.

Inflatable Jumper Rentals

For your next party, consider renting an inflatable jumper. You can choose from a water slide, a dolphin slide, or a three in one slide. Some bounce houses even come with candy buffets! Whether your event is large or small, you’re sure to find the perfect inflatable jumper rental.

In addition to jumper rentals, Epic Jumpers also offers other party planning services. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an office party, or a church event, they can help you plan an event that’s both fun and affordable.

Party Jumper Rentals

If you are planning to rent a bounce house for a birthday party, you should make sure that you find the right company. Luckily, there are many places that jumper rentals Riverside CA rent bounce houses and other party equipment that will ensure that your kids have an incredible time. Jumpers N Rentals in Riverside CA is one such place. In addition to bounce house rentals, they also rent party supplies.

There are many types of inflatable bouncers that you can rent for your party. These include water slide jumpers, 3 in one slides, a dolphin slide, and more. These are all perfect for a birthday party. Some of these even feature candy bars.


If you’re planning a birthday party or a slumber party, you may want to hire an inflatable jumper for your party. There are plenty of companies offering these rentals in Riverside. Some of these companies even offer party planning services. These companies are known for their quality service and will make sure that your party is as fun and memorable as possible.