Veneers are thin, durable shells that are placed over your teeth to improve their appearance and function. They can be used to correct a variety of problems, including chips and cracks, discoloration, misalignment, and crooked teeth. They are a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be virtually painless and last for years.

When you are thinking about getting veneers, it is important to understand all of your options. A good dentist will guide you through all of the different options and help you decide on the best one for you.

Porcelain veneers are a popular option to improve the appearance of your smile and are made from natural-looking materials. They are often recommended for people who have stains on their teeth that are too stubborn to remove with whitening products, and they can also be used to fix flaws in the shape or color of your teeth.

In order to get the best results from your Beverly Hills porcelain veneers, it is important to choose a high-quality cosmetic dentist with extensive experience placing veneers. This can lead to better results and longer lasting results than using a dentist who does not have as much experience in cosmetic dentistry.

If you are interested in getting veneers to improve the look of your smile, you can contact Song Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills today! We can schedule an appointment for you to meet with our talented dentist, Dr. Catharine Song, to discuss your options!

At Song Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that a beautiful smile is the result of quality dental work and patient care. This is why we take the time to make sure you are completely satisfied with your results before we recommend any procedures.

We want you to be comfortable and confident in your smile and our staff will do whatever we can to make this happen!

Veneers are a great way to boost your self-confidence and enhance your beauty. They are a relatively inexpensive cosmetic dentistry option and can be done in just one appointment at our office.

Our Beverly Hills dentist will create a unique and customized treatment plan for you, based on your goals. From a single veneer to a full mouth rejuvenation, we will design an effective solution to improve the Veneers – Song Cosmetic Dentistry Beverly Hills appearance of your smile.

Root canal therapy can be used to treat damaged teeth that have become infected or inflamed due to decay. The procedure involves removing the decayed and infected tissue from the tooth, as well as nerves and bacteria. The resulting space is filled with medicated material to restore the tooth to its original functionality.

Another popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that can be worn to improve the appearance of your smile and straighten your teeth. These clear braces are less noticeable than traditional metal devices and can be removed when you eat or brush your teeth.

Our practice is proud to offer a wide range of services and products that can help you achieve your perfect smile. We will customize a treatment plan that is right for you, so you can have the healthy and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!