Yvette Nicole Brown is a multi-hyphenate who has made her mark on ABC’s sitcom The Mayor as well as NBC’s eponymous Community and CBS’s stalwart The Odd Couple. She has also garnered plenty of accolades in the form of fanfare. Aside from her television roles, she is a philanthropist, a well-educated woman of taste, and a rabid dog lover who will happily chase a good time as long as her pups are involved. On top of all that, she is a wife, a mother and a woman of the people. Among her list of accomplishments is a flurry of awards for her stellar performances in multiple competitions, not to mention her name. Some of her most coveted awards include Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in ABC’s hit series, a trophy in her best performance in NBC’s eponymous comedy The Odd Couple and a trophy in her best performance in the Fox Network’s hit series, CSI: NY. In addition to all of her above the line achievements, she has also been a benefactor to her kin by donating a small fortune to a variety of charities, notably a few of her own.

One of the biggest surprises is the fact that she is the Evette black footed bowl spitting image of her late father. Not to be outdone, her husband, David Brown has been a steadfast supporter of her career.

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