When you visit Boulder City, Nevada, you’ll have the chance to ride along one of the most fascinating rail lines in the world. The Nevada Southern Railroad, a narrow, elongated spur off Union Pacific’s main Las Vegas line, once bolstered steel horses shuttling billions of pounds of construction materials to the site of Hoover Dam. But the tracks aren’t just utilitarian anymore: They’re also home to a series of pedal-powered rail bikes, a unique activity that takes you beneath the Mojave desert’s canopy and alongside a rushing river.

A little exercise, a touch of history, and sure-fire memories await on the rails in Boulder City (less than 40 minutes south of the Strip), and it’s all available through an outdoor-adventure company called railroad explorer las vegas. The company recently launched year-round tours in Southern Nevada, with guided excursions in two- or four-seat, pedal-powered rail bikes that take you along the same tracks used during the construction of Hoover Dam.

You can opt for a tandem or a single-rider experience, or you can split the cost with your friends or family. These bike-based tours are the perfect way to get outside and explore the beauty of the Nevada desert, River Mountains, and Eldorado Valley from a different vantage point!

The rail bikes, which have four steel wheels and hydraulic disc brakes, are comfortable, fun and easy to ride for all ages and abilities. The bikes have a basket for your bags and backpacks, camera gear, and water bottles. There’s even an umbrella for rain or sun.

It’s a great option for couples looking to spend time together. You can also use it as a fun activity for kids and dogs alike!

During the summer, you can even take a red rider wristband that will get you discounts at local businesses in town. It’s the brainchild of division manager Heather Abel, who has a strong passion for the town and wants to help support local business owners.

Aside from the bike-based tours, Rail Explorers also operates a railroad museum in Boulder City. This train tours in southwest USA is free to explore and has an extensive collection of historic trains.

Once you’ve got your ticket, you can head to the museum for a bit before heading out for the bike ride. The bike ride itself is only a short 35-minute journey, but every step of the way you’ll be captivated by the gorgeous scenery.

When you return to the museum, make sure you buy a train tour ticket for your ride back to the station. The price includes a ride on the train back to the museum, and you can choose between a round-trip and an uphill-pedal-assist option!

You can also choose from a variety of special tours, including the Southwest Ramble and the Sunset ride. There’s even a nighttime rail bike ride that features neon glow sticks. You’ll want to bring a snack, water, and sunscreen.