There are a few different options available when buying a manual grinder for camping. One option is the GARDOM, which is powered by a built-in battery that can be charged via car or power bank. While a grinder powered by a battery is convenient, it will take many charges before the battery will be depleted. This means that you are unlikely to need to recharge the grinder on a camping trip, but it will fall short of burr grinders when it comes to consistency and repeatability.

Porlex Mini iteration

The Porlex Mini is a portable coffee grinder with a 20-gram capacity, good for one or two cups of coffee. This grinder is the latest iteration of the Skerton manual coffee grinder from Hario. It offers improved burr stabilization for consistent grind size. It also comes in an easier-to-replace mason jar.

The Porlex Mini is also lightweight and easily fits inside an aeropress brewer. Its stainless steel exterior protects the ceramic burrs from dust, and the weight is less than 8 ounces. This makes it a great travel grinder for digital nomads and coffee lovers.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

For those who are on the go, a manual Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill can come in handy. Its compact design, one-ounce capacity, and six-inch height make it an attractive and affordable option. It utilizes ceramic burrs to retain the natural flavor and aroma of coffee beans. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

A manual grinder may not be ideal for heavy-duty use, as the process is time-consuming. Also, it might break easily. However manual grinder for camping, if you’re a coffee fanatic and enjoy the slow process of preparing a cup of joe, a manual model may be the best option.


The Akirakoki manual grinder for camping is a great way to enjoy fresh coffee in the great outdoors. It is portable and made from cast iron. You can use it to grind 1-2 cups of coffee at a time. It will also grind nuts, seeds, and spices.

This Japanese-made portable grinder is a sturdy and attractive tool that has a long life. The solid wood exterior is naturally lightweight and the durable, cast iron burr produces less heat than other materials. It is 2”x6” in size and has a copper-trimmed aluminum handle. It is lightweight and can be easily carried, and its handle doubles as a carabiner.

Skerton Pro

If you’re on a budget and want a manual coffee grinder, you might want to consider the Hario Skerton Pro. It’s still an affordable option, and it’s been updated with improved ergonomics and stability. With strong ceramic burrs, it’s hard to find a compact grinder that packs so much power and performance.

The Skerton Pro manual grinder doesn’t have any special settings, but the adjustable nut can be easily turned to get the perfect grind. It’s suitable for any type of brewing method, so you won’t have to worry about it being too fine or too coarse.