A dedicated virtual receptionist can be a huge advantage to your business. This person can handle more than one customer at a time, help a customer more than once and handle inquiries twenty-four hours a day. While voicemail may be adequate for some calls, it’s not as effective as a live receptionist. A dedicated virtual receptionist can also send an auto email follow-up to the customer with information about next steps.

Call Ruby

Call Ruby, a dedicated virtual receptionist, can answer your phones, create custom greetings, transfer calls to different lines, and answer FAQs. They are also equipped to make outbound calls for appointments. Their client portal makes it easy to keep track of minute usage, outbound caller confirmations, and billing information.

Ruby’s live answering service includes trained agents from the U.S. who are fluent in Spanish and English. Their goal is to create meaningful connections with callers, and win their business. In addition to being available 24 hours a day, Ruby is also available for Spanish speaking callers. They also offer mobile apps and integrate with cloud-based legal applications, making it easy to connect with a live virtual receptionist, anywhere, anytime.

Ruby Receptionists

With Ruby Receptionists, your business no longer has to worry about hiring and training receptionists. The virtual receptionist service works through a web-based application, and gives you a customized local business phone number. You can transfer the number to different lines for different purposes, provide instructions about call handling, and notify yourself of new calls.

Ruby receptionists are based in the US and can answer your Grasshopper calls even if you’re not available. Ruby will greet your callers with website a personalized message and you can turn her on and off at any time. In addition to live chat, you can customize your own in-office receptionist experience by using customizable call scripts and intake forms.


A virtual receptionist is an employee of a company who answers phone calls for a client. These employees can be trained to handle outbound calls, such as taking orders and submitting shipping and billing information. They can also answer customer questions and process returns or invoices. Davinci virtual receptionists are highly trained and take professionalism seriously.

Davinci’s virtual receptionists understand the value of your time. That’s why they provide business grade voicemail management and customizable hold music. Likewise, their virtual receptionists can answer calls in their own language or forward calls to other employees. They also offer call screening and a custom call forwarding schedule. They also understand the value of time, which is why they train their receptionists to take calls efficiently.


A dedicated virtual receptionist is a service that provides your business with a virtual presence and a phone line. The service will answer all calls in your company’s name, screen them before transferring them to your business, and provide helpful information to your customers. The service also makes sure that your customers have a positive experience when you’re unavailable.

Adding a live receptionist to your business can increase your business 400%. With a dedicated receptionist, you’ll be able to handle inquiries 24 hours a day and can speak to more customers at a time. Live receptionists are also more personable than voice mail, fostering proactive communication with customers. Furthermore, they can provide a follow up auto email for your customers.