A nice lawn does more than just make a home look beautiful; it can also raise the resale value of a property. But the costs of maintaining a healthy, lush yard can be high, especially in Orlando Florida. Artificial grass is one option that can help to cut those costs and save gallons of water.

Synthetic turf is more than just plastic fake turf in Orlando Florida grass; it is a whole landscaping system that includes the turf, a drainage system, infill and other materials to keep the fake grass looking natural and functioning properly. It is important to work with a professional when choosing synthetic turf in Orlando Florida. A quality turf yard is a significant investment and should be carefully planned.

XGrass artificial turf can be used anywhere you would have real grass; it’s also perfect for pool areas, since it doesn’t require the frequent watering that natural grass does. This makes it a great option for drought-plagued Florida, as well as places where water is limited or not available.

In addition to saving gallons of water, fake grass can also be more eco-friendly than sod. Sod needs to be watered regularly in order to grow and thrive, which can lead to high water bills. It also uses a lot of fertilizers, which can be harmful to the ecosystem and waterways. In addition, the gasoline power tools used to maintain sod emit carbon dioxide into the air. Artificial turf does not need to be mowed or trimmed, which can also cut down on energy and emissions.

Some types of synthetic turf are even more environmentally friendly than sod. For example, if your family has pets, then you may want to consider pet-safe artificial turf, which is made from recycled materials. Many manufacturers also offer pet-safe artificial turf with extra features, such as a flow-through backing and antimicrobial technology.

There are even synthetic turf products that can be used to make playgrounds safer and more durable, helping to prevent injuries from falls and other accidents. XGrass’ IPEMA certified surfacing is designed to be safe and comfortable for children, dry quickly after rain and resists heavy wear and tear from the active play of kids.

A good quality lawn does more than just add to your home’s resale value; it can improve your lifestyle as well. Artificial turf can reduce your maintenance expenses and eliminate the need for fertilizers, weed killers and gas-powered mowers. It can also provide a safe and convenient surface for outdoor activities, making it an excellent choice for homes with children or dogs.