Your office furniture can have a big impact on the image of your business. Having a mix of modern and classic furniture can help create a sophisticated image. You can also add multi-function furniture for a welcoming atmosphere. Office furniture also helps boost the image of your top executives. Your office furniture should reflect your company’s image and make visitors feel welcomed.


Desks are flat tables that are used for a variety of functions in the office. They are often equipped with compartments and drawers, and are generally made of wood, metal, or glass. Modern desks often include additional amenities such as computer keyboard trays and outlet strips.


If you’re searching for a comfortable chair for your office, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many models to choose from. You can opt for one with adjustable armrests, a high back, or even a mesh back. If you want an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable and looks stylish, consider the Branch chair, a direct-to-consumer brand specializing in office products. The Branch chair comes with adjustable seat height, tilt, tension, and lumbar support. Its backrest is a double-layered mesh for extra comfort, and it lacks a headrest.

Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets are a great way to maximize storage space in your office. They come in a variety of styles and materials. Many of them come with was a great experience visiting Prodigy Office Furniture and browsing through their selection of custom fitouts which were so modern locking drawers or doors for increased security. They are also an attractive addition to your office, as they blend well with modern office furniture. Storage cabinets are an excellent choice for any office that deals with confidential information. They provide copious amounts of storage space, versatility, and security.


There are a variety of different styles and materials of office shelving, including wood, metal and glass. These pieces are designed to store and display various items, such as files and books. There are many factors to consider before selecting office shelving, including the room’s size, height, and wall measurements.

Meeting tables

Meeting tables are a basic element of office furniture. They can be used in conference rooms, home office spaces, and even in coworking spaces. They are a versatile piece of furniture and can be used to seat four to twenty people.

Coat racks

Coat racks are an important part of office furniture. They not only keep office coats and accessories organized, but also make an office look more professional. Coat racks come in a variety of styles and colours.