Office furniture is an important part of creating a pleasant environment in an office. Investing in a high-quality desk or chair can help increase the productivity of the workforce. The company’s image is also often reflected in the choice of furnishings.

Increasingly, companies are trying to make their products from recycled materials. This is a great trend for the industry. However, concern has been raised over formaldehyde emissions from the manufacturing process.

Although the industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs, it is still a relatively stable sector. Manufacturers have enjoyed strong growth since the mid-1960s. In 2006, the United States imported $30.8 billion in office furniture. It accounted for about one-fifth of all imports to the country. That is a significant portion of the total, but it is not sufficient to offset the decline in domestic sales.

There are a number of companies in the United States that produce office furniture. Knoll, for example, is a leader in innovative and artistic designs. It has also won a number of awards for its work.

Another leader in the industry is HNI Corp. (originally known as HON Industries). Founded in 1944 in Muscatine, Iowa, it specializes in designing and building wood-burning fireplaces. It has also grown through the acquisition of smaller furniture companies.

Furniture manufacturers in the United States have seen a tremendous increase in exports. They have expanded their operations and have opened offices in many parts of the world. Some of the largest offices in the 공식 사이트 world have purchased office furniture directly from wholesalers.

As the economy changes, the role of office furniture is expanding. The economy of the industrialized world is moving away from manufacturing to service-based activities. Many businesses are re-organizing, requiring specific machines, technology, and furnishings to support their activities.

Another significant development in the market is the use of Internet protocols to allow employees to work remotely. Telecommuting has helped to open up opportunities for office furniture designers.

Several manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to offer a variety of designs and styles. Staples is a leading provider of office furnishings in the U.S. It offers design services, consultation, and an assortment of different types of desks and chairs.

One of the oldest office furniture manufacturers, Herman Miller, is also a stalwart in the business. Originally a manufacturer of residential furniture, it began to focus on the office furnishings market in the 1960s. In 2004, it was the leading manufacturer of office furniture in North America.

Another key component of an office is storage. Furniture can range in size from small to massive. When choosing office furniture, it is a good idea to consider the size of the room, the type of tasks that will be done there, and the needs of the people who will be using the furniture.

Several manufacturers have a strong track record for quality. These include Corovan, Knoll, and Steelcase. All have solid customer reviews and offer a variety of different products.