Snore Guard is a mouthpiece that helps prevent snoring by moving the lower jaw forward slightly, which allows the tongue to move freely and open up the airway. The result is improved breathing and a better night’s sleep for both you and your partner. The snore guard is available without a prescription in Canada, but people who live in the United States must visit a dentist or doctor to get one.

In a desperate attempt to stop snoring, many people spend money on ineffective and uncomfortable snoring mouthguards that do nothing more than push the tongue into an unnatural position. This can lead to long-term issues such as temporomandibular disorder jaw pain or even misalignment of the jaw that may require expensive surgery.

Most mouthguards snoring are made by the boil-and-bite method, in which the mouth guard is softened in hot water and then bitten into to make a custom impression of the teeth. The resulting mouthpiece is usually bulky and hard to fit, especially for those who have upper and lower dentures. The snore guard is then worn at night, which can lead to discomfort, occlusion, and bacterial build-up that causes foul odours and gum disease.

While some snore guards are designed to fit over the top teeth, the majority are designed to cover only the front teeth. These are referred to as “stock” mouthguards and are the most common type sold over-the-counter. They are a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t take into account the individual dental needs of each person.

The most effective snoring mouthguards are made by a dentist or sleep apnea specialist and are fitted to your unique jaw and teeth structure. This type of mouthpiece is more expensive but it is the only one that addresses the root cause of snoring by moving the jaw into a more natural and comfortable position.

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The CustMbite Snoring System is a unique, customizable mouthpiece that excels where OSFA mouthguards fall flat. It is molded to the upper and lower bite, and unlike other bulky mouthguards, it continues to shrink a little bit over the first 24 hours of use for an even more personalized fit. It is made from a durable, lightweight material called Secure Comfort Design and features tori that pull the tongue down and forward, preventing it from collapsing and blocking the airway. This anti-snoring device also helps prevent teeth grinding, which can cause painful temporomandibular disorder and loose or broken teeth. It’s important to clean the snoring mouthguard daily to prevent bacteria buildup, which can lead to foul odours, gum disease and even tooth decay. Your local dentist in South Tampa can provide recommendations for safe, effective mouthwashes and cleaning products.