You’ve worked hard to get where you are in real estate and a lot has changed since you took your first licensing exam as a rookie. Now, you’re a seasoned broker with your own company and a big portfolio of clients. The next step in your career is to renew your real estate license and keep it current so you can continue to be a successful agent or broker. Real estate license renewal requirements vary by state and include continuing education (CE) coursework, signed renewal forms and fees, and a background check or fingerprinting. Knowing the specific requirements in your state is the best way to ensure you meet them by the mandated deadline and don’t face late penalties or lose your ability to practice real estate.

New York State real estate licensees must take 22.5 hours of CE courses each two-year renewal period. You can choose from online or classroom courses offered by various state-approved education providers. You can find out more about specific courses on your state’s website. The best way to fulfill your CE requirements is to take courses that will help you keep up with new trends, laws and regulations. This will save you time in the long run and ensure you’re able to stay competitive and ethical.

Once you’ve completed your required number of CE courses, you can submit your real estate license renewal form through your eAccessNY portal. This will require you to pay your $55 fee, which includes a $50 late penalty if you’re renewing after your state’s required renewal date.

You must also submit a copy of your CE certificate of completion to the state with your application. It may take a few days or weeks for your CE provider to process your certificate, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time before your state’s required renewal date.

One other requirement for all real estate licensees in New York State is to complete two hours of implicit bias awareness and cultural competency training as part of your CE coursework. These courses are mandatory for all salespersons and brokers in their first renewal cycle that begins on or after July 1, 2021.

If your real estate license has been expired for more than a year, you will be able to reactivate it through the eAccessNY portal but you will not be able to conduct any licensed activities. You can view your renewal status in eAccessNY to see if the state has completed its review. If the renewal is still showing as “in progress,” this means that the state is still reviewing your file and will contact you if they have any questions. If your renewal is denied, you will need to retake your state’s licensing exam to regain the ability to practice.