Whether you’re buying an off-plan property or having one built for you from scratch, it’s important to have a new build snagging survey near me carried out before you move in. This will ensure there aren’t any problems that you’ll have to deal with later. It also gives you more leverage with the developers when it comes to getting them to fix any issues. A snagging survey is similar to a home buyer’s report but focuses on construction rather than wear and tear.

A snagging survey identifies faults and imperfections in a new build home, which can range from minor things like a door that doesn’t close properly or paintwork that’s uneven to more serious structural problems such as roof tiles falling off and internal plastering. The surveyor will split the house into sections and inspect each room to look for these faults. They’ll then put together a list of the problems and present it to you. Typically, a snagging survey will cost less than a homebuyer’s report, although it will still generally cost PS300 or more for a one-bedroom flat.

You’ll need to book a surveyor who specialises in new builds to carry out your inspection. You can find one using an online search or by asking friends and family for recommendations. A good snagging surveyor will have experience of carrying out inspections on newly built properties and will be able to identify any faults quickly. They’ll be able to talk you through the results of the survey and give advice on what to do next.

It’s best to have a snagging survey done as soon as possible, in the period between when building work finishes and your legal completion date. This will give you more leverage with the developers as they’ll still be onsite and it means they can have any issues fixed before you move in. However, if you can’t get a survey before you move in, don’t panic. The developer has a legal obligation to fix any problems you point out to them during the warranty period, which lasts 10 years.

Snagging surveys can be a bit time-consuming, so it’s best to make sure you’re prepared for this. You’ll need to take a few photos of any issues and prepare a rough list of what you’d like the surveyor to look at. It’s also a good idea to test all the plug sockets, light switches and doors to see if they work.

If you’re having a new build snagging survey carried out in the UK, you’ll want to choose an RICS surveyor who’s experienced with this type of inspection. This will ensure the quality of the survey is high and that you’re not missing anything. You can find a RICS surveyor by searching online or asking friends and family for recommendations. Make sure to compare prices before you choose someone to carry out your survey.