What is Fire Watch Guards? Fire watch guards are off-site, specialty safety functions performed by specially designated guards. Services typically consist of:

Fire Watch Guards

This type of guard is responsible for responding to fire hazards and making sure they don’t present a threat to employees, customers or the facility itself. Fire watch guards monitor a specific area for signs of fire, responding to alarms, and clearing surrounding buildings of suspicious situations. In the case of an emergency, such as a grease fire in the kitchen, the guards will enter the affected building and assess the situation.

Depending upon the location of the workplace, several types of services can be contracted to protect the public. Public safety patrol services monitor unincorporated areas and certain designated commercial districts. Fire watch guards provide services to businesses and residential communities. These types of guards often specialize in assisting law enforcement agencies with high risk crime scene clean-ups and working to prevent future crime from occurring. Detectives use the information gathered during their investigations to obtain evidence against criminals.

Fire safety inspectors are highly trained representatives who are employed by OSHA. Inspectors perform a number of functions, including inspecting electrical systems, structural integrity, and working practices of commercial businesses and private residences. Fire inspectors are required to meet strict OSHA standards and are usually expected to receive a certificate of completion. Many businesses also contract with businesses that provide fire watch guards. In the case of emergencies such as grease fires, business owners may call for additional help from fire safety inspectors.

Fire patrol logs serve a number of purposes. Protection of the public and rescue in the case of emergencies are among the many reasons a business may have a fire watch guard. Fire watch guards may also be used to maintain order at night or assist the public by reporting any problems or suspicious activities. These types of patrol logs may be used in combination with other types of fire safety equipment to create a more complete log.

The importance of keeping business or residence spaces free of any possibility of a fire cannot be underestimated. Having an effective fire watch guard program will not only make the workplace safer, it will increase profits by keeping customers and employees safe. For a small investment, employers can protect their staff and property while also having the peace of mind that comes with knowing their premises is protected.