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The Stamford Advocate is a daily newspaper that covers local news and events in the city of Stamford, Connecticut and surrounding areas. It also offers up-to-the-minute updates on weather, traffic and the latest celebrity gossip. The paper’s editorial staff is comprised of experienced, dedicated journalists who work hard to cover the city’s issues from a variety of angles and provide readers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

In addition to a traditional focus on sports and business, the Advocate pays special attention to the city’s transportation needs, including the Metro-North Railroad. The paper also provides in-depth coverage of the Stamford school system and regularly features a special section focused on education.

Local sports and entertainment are also a big part of the paper’s focus, with articles on the city’s professional and amateur sports teams. The newspaper also devotes extensive coverage to local music, and a variety of other topics, including food, health, politics, the arts and more.

The newspaper’s original owner, Charles Holly, was a strong proponent of reading. He promoted books in his own circulating library and was one of the founders of the Ferguson Library in Stamford. After Holly’s death in 1848, the paper changed owners. In 1892 the Gillespie family bought the newspaper and made it a daily. In 1977, they sold the paper to Times Mirror Company, the owner of The Los Angeles Times. In June 2000, Tribune Company bought Times Mirror and incorporated The Advocate into its holdings. In 2003, the paper started a Norwalk edition and moved its headquarters to the Tresser Boulevard and Washington Avenue location in downtown Stamford.