Dementia Care Sydney

If you’re looking for Dementia Care Sydney services, you have many options. You can find a variety of facilities in your area and apply for services that are right for your loved one. There are also many support groups, including one that focuses on caregiver support. You can even join one yourself, if you’d like! The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program was created with caregiver considerations in mind. Through this program, you’ll learn how to communicate and organise your day, where to look for help, and where to find a service. These groups can help you manage the various issues of caring for someone with dementia, including incontinence, nursing care, and end of life care.

Professor Philip Siddall

Distinguished member of the Australian Pain Society,  Professor Philip Siddall is a gifted educator and is committed to the success of others. Phil was in the first cohort of students to graduate from the Masters of Pain Management program from Sydney University, which was delivered by PMRI. As a student, Phil assisted with key lectures in neurobiology and returned to his seat in the lecture theatre. Later, he was appointed as the Director of Education at PMRI, in addition to having a clinical role.

Professor Meera Agar

As a practicing physician, Professor Agar is interested in the supportive care Dementia Care Sydney needs of people with advanced illnesses. She also has an extensive research portfolio at the University of Technology Sydney and has been a leading voice in innovative approaches to care. Her research includes world-first clinical trials in antipsychotics and medicinal cannabis for the terminally ill. Her research has helped improve the lives of many patients, including her grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Martin Kennedy

Dr Martin Kennedy is a registered medical practitioner who specialises in palliative medicine. He is the staff specialist in palliative care at Hammond Care and holds appointments at Macquarie and Sydney Universities. Dr Kennedy has over 25 years experience in specialist sub-acute medical care and has worked in both private and public acute care hospitals as well as rehabilitation units. He has a strong passion for compassionate care and team-based sub-acute care.

Associate Professor Josephine Clayton

Professor Clayton is a Palliative Medicine Physician at the University of Sydney and Director of Research and Learning in Palliative Care at HammondCare. She has extensive clinical experience providing palliative care to patients and families. She is involved in several projects aimed at improving communication between patients, family members and healthcare professionals. In this article, she provides an overview of her research and how it can help people who are living with dementia.

Dr Andrew Cole

Dementia is a complex illness that affects older people. This can make them less able to care for themselves, but not helpless. Research reveals that one in five Australians have dementia. The disease is also linked to a high incidence of mental illness. For this reason, it is important for health care professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the disease and its treatment. Fortunately, there is a great deal of help available.

Melanie Robertson

When it comes to quality dementia care for Aboriginal people, a number of barriers are present. Prior research has been limited in its examination of the barriers to timely diagnosis of dementia in Aboriginal communities. However, a recent study by Smith et al. highlighted the unmet needs of individuals living with dementia in remote communities in the Kimberley. The research also explored the perspectives of individuals living with dementia, caregivers, and health services providers about the importance of dementia care.

Chris Moore

The death of a beloved director at Dementia Care Sydney has been devastating. Chris Moore passed away on Sunday following a motorbike accident on the Mitchell Highway near Dunkeld. Moore had been a director at Dementia Care Sydney for a decade. He had recently received an honorary doctorate from the University of Sydney. As the head of the organisation, Chris was well respected and well-liked by his peers.