Comprehensive property management for all your needs

One of the most challenging tasks for real estate professionals is providing quality customer service while ensuring residents have access to the best maintenance, leasing, and accounting services. Using the right property management software can help you streamline your operations and make it easier to deliver on your promises. In addition, a comprehensive SaaS solution can also provide your clients with better tools for interacting with their properties and logging maintenance requests.

A property management firm can be a business that handles a portfolio of real estate assets, or it may specialize in certain types of rental properties. The former model requires a team of employees who can handle a range of responsibilities, including leasing, rent collection, resident and owner communications, inspections, fees and rent collection, accounting, maintenance, and more.

Another property management model is a smaller firm that employs fewer staff members to manage a more narrowly defined set of properties. This type of property management firm often serves homeowners associations, self-storage facilities, community associations, and manufactured housing agencies. Regardless of the size of your company, it’s important to establish strong communication with all your clients to understand what they expect from you and what their goals are for each property.

Once you have a clear understanding of your clients’ expectations, you can begin to customize your service offerings to meet those expectations. For instance, a residential property management firm might offer online rental application processing, tenant screening, and financial reporting, while a small-to medium-sized commercial property management firm would likely add services like tenant retention and leasing agent training.

Property management firms can also offer different fee structures for the services they provide. Some offer flat rates for all services, while others allow owners and residents to pay on an a la carte basis. This type of fee structure is a great way to boost your client satisfaction and promote your business to a wider audience.

There are several property management software platforms Comprehensive property management for all your needs that offer comprehensive tools to streamline your business and improve your services. For example, Buildium has a host of features designed to accommodate all rental portfolio mixes and includes tools for managing financials, completing property inspections, handling maintenance requests, offering renters insurance, and more. It also offers mobile-enabled property management software, and it provides clients with a customizable portal for communicating with each other, the property manager, and the property owner.