Kangen Water is an extremely effective alkaline water that controls the alkalinity in your body. It contains active hydrogen, the smallest element in the periodic table and one of nature’s strongest antioxidants. It is the perfect choice for people who want to control their body pH naturally and improve their health. To use it, you need to simply drink the water twice a day. It is very easy to use, and the benefits are numerous.

Kangen Water is alkaline electrolyzed water that has a higher pH than regular tap water. It’s claimed to balance the pH level of the stomach, improve nutrient absorption, and lessen the symptoms of diabetes, acid reflux, and other maladies. The problem is, there are very few studies that support the claims. Moreover, some experts believe that drinking Kangen water is harmful.

A good rule of thumb is to drink at least one gallons of water daily. But, the truth is, no beverage or food is completely harmless. Whether you drink Kangen water or not, it isn’t going to cure cancer. Kangen water is no more helpful than lemon or orange juice in curing cancer. Moreover, it won’t improve your hair, sleep, or skin.

Acidic electrolyzed water

The process of generating acidic electrolyzed water begins with an electrolyzer. The main components of an electrolyzer are a Nafion N117 membrane with a thickness of 209 mm and Nafion ionomer electrodes. The electrolyzer also contains platinum nanoparticles supported on carbon as a cathodic catalyst and iridium oxide nanoparticles as an anodic catalyst. These catalysts are coated onto the membrane using a decal transfer technique.

When the electrolysis process is finished, mineral cations accumulate at the cathode and hydroxyl ions form as a byproduct. This kangen-water-review.com process increases the water’s pH level to between eight and ten, and it also changes the redox potential to as low as -600 mV.

Neutral pH water

Neutral pH water from Kangen is a powerful cleanser and disinfectant. It helps restore the pH balance of the body. Its mild taste makes it easy to drink and is ideal for sanitizing surfaces. It also brings out the natural flavour of foods and vegetables. In addition, it is good for cooking, and its neutral pH makes it perfect as a soup base. It is also good for plants as it stimulates growth and hydration.

While the benefits of neutral pH water are plentiful, there are some risks associated with drinking alkaline water. Strongly alkaline water may upset the digestive system and irritate the skin. In addition, drinking too much alkaline water can cause metabolic alkalosis, a condition that may be dangerous.

Antioxidant alkaline electrolyzed water

Kangen water contains a high concentration of Molecular Hydrogen, an excellent antioxidant that reduces free radicals. Molecular Hydrogen has the ability to rapidly diffuse across cell membranes, suppressing oxidative stress. The electrolysis process used to produce Kangen Water produces a very high concentration of this powerful antioxidant.

The ORP is the measure of how antioxidizing a solution is. Generally speaking, a negative ORP means that the solution does not have an excess of free radicals. Conversely, a positive ORP indicates that the solution is highly oxidizing. Most water, including bottled water, has a positive ORP ranging from 150 to 300 mV. Some tap water can even have a positive ORP of over 500 mV. Kangen water has a negative ORP of more than 200.